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15 car-themed nursery ideas for boys room

15 Car-Themed Nursery Ideas for Your Little Racer

| Vera Gosic

Are you expecting a little car enthusiast in your life? If so, a car-themed nursery might be the perfect choice for you. Decorating your baby's room can be an exciting experience, and this theme can make it even more fun! Get ready to start your engines and create a unique space for your little one.

car-themed nursery wall art ideas for boys nursery

police car wall art | school bus art print | milk tanker art print | dump truck art print | fire truck art print | bronco car art print | ice cream truck art print | tractor art print | taxi art print  


There are many car nursery ideas for decorating your baby boy's room with an auto motif! You can hang up pictures of old toy cars for a vintage car nursery. Or, use blankets with car designs to make the room cozy. How about putting up wallpaper with cars on it for a modern look? Don't forget to add some toy cars, road signs, and traffic lights for extra fun. Make sure the room feels just right for your little boy by mixing old and new car stuff in a way he will like. This way, you'll make a super cool car room he'll love to play and sleep in.


1. Car-Themed Nursery Layout Planning

car-themed nursery wall art ideas 

Ford Bronco Roadster art printVintage Volkswagen Beetle art print

When setting up a baby's room, it's wise to think about arranging everything. A nursery has three significant parts: a place for sleeping, a spot for feeding, and an area for changing diapers. Picking the right furniture is very important. It helps decide how the room will look and what else can fit in it. Not all baby furniture is the same size, so you must ensure it fits in your house. To determine how much space you have, you can use tape to mark where everything will go and then use a ruler to see how big each piece of furniture can be. Do the same thing for smaller stuff like where to put toys, rugs, pictures, and shelves. By doing these things, you can make a baby's room that looks good and works well. 



2. Car-Themed Nursery Lamps

Car Themed Nursery car lamps Ideas

Acrylic Collectors Lamp | Little Lights Mini Race Car Lamp

Car-themed lamps light up boys' rooms with a gentle, cozy light, making it a nice place to sleep and play. They make kids think of exciting adventures on the road. These lamps also make the room look fantastic and match the car theme, making it a fun place to imagine and explore.



3. Vintage Car-Themed Nursery Art Prints

car-themed nursery wall art ideas for boys room

Vintage Volkswagen Bus Art Print

Check out car and truck art prints you can hang on your walls to make your room look awesome! Putting up pictures of your favorite vehicles as wall art can make your space feel fun and special.


car-themed nursery wall art for boys room

1957 Ferrari Testarossa Art Print

Imagine an old VW Beetle car in bright yellow, a cool Ford Mustang making loud noises, and an old-timey red fire truck. This is a simple way to make your baby's room look fun.


 car-themed nursery wall art ideas

Green Garbage Truck Art Print 



4. Car-Themed Nursery Wallpaper!

cat-themed wallpaper ideas for boys' nursery
Car-themed wallpaper is a really excellent choice. You can find lots of types with bright colors and cool car pictures. There are classic cars, sports cars, old cars, and even cartoon cars to pick from. These wallpapers are easy to put up and make any room look more exciting.



5. Race Car Themed Nursery Toys

stuffed car toys 

Speedstersmall felt car truck toy 

Add Car Toys, Big or Small! 

There's nothing like snuggling with your favorite stuffed toy at night! Why not make it part of your child's room theme? If your little one loves trucks, cars, or construction vehicles, adding stuffed toys to their room decor can make it look cool and fun.


stuffed car toys


You can't go wrong with adding a giant stuffed toy car in a corner of the room. It's the perfect car nursery decor, making the room look exciting and matching the theme.

car toys ideas for car-themed nursery 

Baghera Speedster Vintage Ride-On Car | Baghera Ride-On Rider Peugeot Darl'Mat


When you think about setting up a race car-themed nursery, imagine it’s like starting your own adventure on a giant racetrack. It’s about creating a unique world for your little one to zoom around in their imagination. Every detail comes together to make your child feel like a real racer. These race car elements help your child grow and learn. And are making every day an exciting lap in the race of childhood.


car themed toys ideas 1.wooden toy car | 2.PF EG103 Scrambler | 3.Mini Van | 4.Dino's Toy Garage | 5. Race Car Transporter Set | 6.City Tour Bus | 7.SHAPE SORTER TRUCK SET | 8.Vehicles Bath Play Set


car-themed nursery toys ideas for boys room




6. Create a Modern Car Nursery Theme

modern Car-Themed Nursery crib Ideas

Cora Convertible Crib | VW crib 


You can go for car-shaped cribs and beds, but who said nurseries with a car theme have to be unconventional? Instead, you can add car-themed accessories that fit a modern and minimalist style. Consider using white furniture and minimalist decor. This will allow you to have a fun car-themed room without too many loud and busy elements.



7. Add Your Favorite Car-Themed Nursery Books

car-themed books ideas for boys' nursery

My Little Car with Book | Things That Go

If you have extra space in your home and want to encourage your little ones to read, why not consider creating a dedicated bookcase filled with car-themed books? These books can make learning about cars, racing, and other car stuff really fun for kids. It's a great way to make them curious and use their imagination. Plus, it's a chance to create incredible memories with your family. Reading these stories together can help you connect over something you like and help your kids love reading and learning for a long time. So why not start your collection of car-themed books today and see where the road takes you?



8. Mobiles for Little Roadsters' 

Race Car Crib Mobile for boys nurseries

Race Car Crib Mobile | Car Felt Mobile | Wood and Organic Cotton Melissa Mobile | Hanging cot mobile


Your newborn needs something fun to look at and play with during their early months. Car-themed crib mobiles are great because they look cool, especially if you’re decorating the nursery with a car theme, and they help calm your baby. You can find many cute car toys hanging from them that will grab your little one’s attention and help them learn to grab things. These fun toys help your baby grow and get curious while having a good time.


9. Add car-themed pillows to the mix


taxi pillow

Nothing is cuter than a soft, plush, car-shaped pillow adorning a cozy armchair. It brings comfort and charm to any car nursery or any boys' nursery with a touch of playful style. The car pillows serve as adorable decor and offer a sense of warmth and joy, making it a delightful space for little ones to rest and play.



10. Wrap Your Little Racer in Cozy Car Comforts


Custom Cars Baby Name BlanketJersey Knit Reversible Blanket | Quilted Chambray Blanket | Diesel


It's important to use different materials when making a car-themed nursery cozy. Mix things up. Add a classic touch with a fire truck pillow. Use super-soft fleece, fake fur, and soft mink material. Get creative with colors and patterns to find the best blankets to make your nursery warm and fancy.



Candlewick Trucks Comforter | Vintage Car Baby Swaddle Blanket | Baby Swaddle Blanket 



11. Vroom, Vroom on Rug Road 

Car-Themed Nursery Rug Ideas

wheels washable rug | personalized car area rug | Pretend Play Mat

Rugs can be a great way to add a car theme to your nursery. There are many cute options available, so you can find a rug that complements the car theme and makes a bold statement in your child's car-inspired nursery. You can choose a car-print rug to add fun and whimsy to the space or a cozy shag rug that adds warmth and depth to the room.

Car-Themed Nursery Rug Ideas



12. Bring cars to Bed 

car themed bedding and pajamas ideas for boys' nursery

Candlewick Trucks Bedding | Race Day Pajama Set  

Who doesn't love snuggling in fun, cozy bedding? There's something special about seeing your newborn all snug as a bug in a rug. It's even more wonderful when the crib sheets are adorned with delightful car prints that perfectly complement the nursery's theme. Little ones will drift off to dreamland in style and comfort on these charming sheets, adding extra joy to their sleep.


13. Rock in Style

Vintage Car Nursery Rocker Pottery Burn Car-themed rockers are an excellent mix of fun and style, making a great chair for your kid. If your little one loves the idea of driving an old-time car or a fast race car, these chairs help them imagine and have fun. There are lots of car styles to pick from. They are comfy, look great in a play area, and make playtime more exciting for kids. 


14. Car Play Mats

car-themed play mats


Consider adding a nursery play mat to enhance the decor when organizing your nursery. These car play mats bring a lovely touch to the room, adding an extra layer of charm and playfulness. Not only do they improve the aesthetics, but they also create a snug and enjoyable space for your little one to play and discover!


 car play mats

PLAY & GO | 2-in-1 Playmat + Toy Bag



15. Car-Themed Accessories for Little Roadsters' Joyrides!car-themed accessories ideas for boys' nursery

Pickup Toy Bin | MINI BASKET | Car Bookends for Kids Room | Vehicle Wall Hooks | Toy cars Garage Storage | Ally Storage Box | Vehicle Drawer Knobs

Car-themed accessories like bookends, furniture with car knobs, and car-shaped baskets make any nursery more fun and interesting. These cool details do more than just look good; they also become toys that make kids happy. When you add these playful things, you're not just decorating a room; you're making a place where kids can think creatively. Each car-themed item helps create many stories and adventures, turning the nursery into a space full of wonder and discovery. More than just being nice to look at, these items are great for kids to touch, feel, and interact with, helping them learn about their world in a fun way.

car themed nursery ideas for boys room

In conclusion, making a car-themed nursery creates a special place where little kids can dream, play, and grow. From the road map rugs that start fun adventures to the car-shaped knobs on drawers that make finding things exciting. Every part of the room helps make it both valuable and magical. These cool decorations help kids learn and grow by making playtime more interactive and fun. By creating a themed room full of surprises and exciting things, parents help their kids start on many fun adventures, building a love for learning and discovering new things that will stay with them forever.

Have fun decorating! 

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