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framing guide

framing guide

To ensure you get the right frame for your print, measure its dimensions using a ruler or measuring tape. Note down the length and height of your artwork so that you can compare it to the frame size. It's always a good idea to double-check to avoid getting a frame that is too big or small.


If you plan on displaying your print with a mat, keep in mind that the mat will take up a significant amount of space within the frame. 

Let's say your frame is 11 by 14 inches and has a mat opening of 8x10 inches. To properly fit in the frame, you will need prints that are 8x10 inches in size.


To secure your print to the mat, tape the back of the print using acid-free tape. First, place the print face-down along the back of the mat. Then, use several strips of tape to secure it in place. You can add more strips of tape along the back edge of your print as needed. Remember, using acid-free tape will ensure that your print won't be damaged in the long run.


In order to finish the task, be sure to handle the print with care as you place it into the frame, being cautious not to leave any fingerprints. Afterward, insert push pins into the backing board to secure it in position.